Guru Chahal, Speaker Biography

A member of Avi Networks’s founding team, Guru Chahal serves as vice president of products, where he helps define the product and drives initial customer development, product messaging, and technical partnerships. Previously, Guru was an investor at Lightspeed Venture Partners, where he focused on networking, security, cloud, data analytics, and infrastructure management; served as the […]

Matt Smith, Speaker Biography

Matt Smith Infrastructure Design Manager SKY Matt Smith’s career spans over 20 years in several disciplines, including many years programming, databases, operating systems, data centre engineering and architecture. He joined Sky in 2007 working on Sky’s broadcast authentication and processing systems. In 2010 he switched roles to lead the design and architecture function with a […]

Thierry Carrez, Speaker Biography

Thierry Carrez is the Release Manager for the OpenStack project, coordinating and facilitating collaboration between contributors. He is the elected chair of the OpenStack Technical Committee, in charge of the technical direction of the project. He spoke about open innovation and open source project management at various conferences around the world. A Python Software Foundation […]

James Page, Speaker Biography

James has been involved in Open Source software since 2000, evangelising and delivering the use of Free and Open Source technologies in a major UK bank.  In 2010, James discovered Ubuntu and became involved in the development of Ubuntu and shortly afterwards OpenStack.  James is part of the team responsible for delivering and supporting OpenStack […]

Stig Telfer

Stig Telfer, Speaker Biography

After periods working in high-performance networking startups and for supercomputer company Cray, Stig Telfer is now CTO of StackHPC, a Bristol-based consultancy specialising in developing OpenStack for research computing and HPC. Stig currently works with Cambridge University on the use of OpenStack in several flagship scientific research programmes. Stig is also co-founder of the OpenStack […]

Kendall Nelson, Speaker Biography

Kendall is an Upstream Developer Advocate at the OpenStack Foundation based in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. She started working on Cinder and os-brick in the Liberty release and since then gotten involved in the Women of OpenStack (WoO), WoO Mentoring, Upstream Institute, and the migration to StoryBoard. When she is not evangelizing about the […]

Kevin Jackson, Speaker Biography

I’m an OpenStack support specialist working in the service delivery team at Rackspace in the UK where it’s my job to help make sure our EMEA based OpenStack customers are getting the very best out of their private clouds. I’ve written a few books on OpenStack so it means I’ve very proficient in Word too. […]

Chris Brown, Speaker Biography

Christopher is an OpenStack Deployment Engineer at OCF creating private and hybrid High Performance Clouds for customers across the UK. He has been involved in some of the largest OpenStack deployments in the UK. Very occasionally he lands a patch in OpenStack and previously was a member of the Fedora Project. He fell in love […]

John Garbutt, Seaker Biography

John joined the TC in April 2016. Before that he was Nova PTL for the Liberty and Mitaka releases. He has been involved with OpenStack as a Software Developer since late 2010. He started with Citrix’s Project Olympus private cloud packaging of OpenStack, and soon after working upstream to help maintain OpenStack’s support for XenServer. […]

Alexandra Settle, Speaker Biography

Alexandra Settle is currently working as an information developer at Rackspace within the OpenStack Innovation Centre (OSIC) and is the PTL of the OpenStack manuals project for the Pike cycle. Alex began her career 5 years ago at Red Hat as a writer for the cloud documentation team after completing a degree in Creative Industries […]