Boost your career with open cloud certifications!, Erno Erdelyi, Component Soft

Demand for cloud professionals generally as well as for open cloud experts (e.g. in Openstack, Docker, Kubernetes) specifically is booming and there is no easier way to prove your expertise in these hot and growing topics than by passing official exams and earning the related certifications.
The aim of the talk is to introduce the structure, tested skills, tips and tricks as well as free and chargeable ways of preparation to the Certified Openstack Administrator exam of the Openstack Foundation, that has been available on the market from last May, the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which will be generally available in September as well as presenting then available and public details of the upcoming Docker exam(s), to be announced on DockerCon Europe in October.
As an open cloud training and consulting company operating directly in the whole of Europe and through courseware licensing partners in North America and Australia, our instructors and consultants actively participated on the beta-testing of the Openstack and Kubernetes online hands-on exams and we regularly sell them to our customers bundled with our own exam.prep. trainings. Based on these experiences we want to give the audience practical advice as how to successfully pass the exam of their choice and this way add another valuable point to their resume.