Continuing Your Enterprise’s Legacy Through Automation, Guru Chahal , AVI Networks

Enterprises must continue to adapt and innovate to maintain the legacy they have built; however, traditional processes and technologies can impair their digital transformation. Automation has the power to transform how an organization operates—giving developers a true self-service solution and ITOps visibility and control.

About Guru Chahal:

A member of Avi Networks’s founding team, Guru Chahal serves as vice president of products, where he helps define the product and drives initial customer development, product messaging, and technical partnerships. Previously, Guru was an investor at Lightspeed Venture Partners, where he focused on networking, security, cloud, data analytics, and infrastructure management; served as the director of product management at Cisco Systems for the Unified Computing System product line (a multibillion dollar business), where he helped define the product strategy and roadmaps and was instrumental in ramping UCS traction; and held operational roles at Nuova Systems (acquired by Cisco Systems) and Tropos Networks (acquired by ABB). An alumnus of Harvard Business School and Purdue University, Guru holds several patents in networking.