Mark Baker

OpenStack and the Invisible Gorilla, Mark Baker, Canonical

Inattentional blindness describes a failure to see something that is in plain sight. In busy times, it can become impossible to attend to all the stimuli in a given situation leading to a temporary blindness and failure to see things that are large and obvious. Organisations looking at agile infrastructure see many options to select from including OpenStack, container platforms, PAAS, cloud, virtualisation, IAAS, serverless and others besides. The abundance of choice forces focus on the technology and often sight of the business driver gets lost in the process. In this session, OpenStack Product Manager Mark Baker will talk through the priorities of infrastructure as they relate to the business and how to spot the gorilla early.

This will be reasonably technical with discussion of architectural options, however, I want to be able to cut through the hype to focus on what businesses need from technology. All businesses need to become software businesses and the fist step is learning to see through the distractions of the technology du jour whilst adopting the dna of an innovator.