Working with legacy applications in the clouds, Maxime Guyot

We all have to deal with legacy applications, be it a critical appliance or an ERP system. In this session you will learn how those legacy applications can work in an openstack cloud. We’ll cover different strategies to integrate and migrate them to openstack.

What’s a legacy app?

We’ll start by defining what we mean by a legacy application and cloud friendly/native application, compare the benefits.


In most cases it is possible to consolidate legacy VMs into your Openstack cloud. Here you’ll learn how to do it for Windows and Linux VMs step by step. For example: what tools to use, how to automate the driver injection, and how to handle the network config.


Sometimes a migration is not possible (too costly, licensing does not allow it, hardware dependencies, …), in this section we’ll discuss different options to integrate existing legacy apps with Openstack: pros & cons and how to do it in Openstack.